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Consulting Philosophy

AP Associates is a mission-driven, values-based consulting entity providing strategic solutions to nonprofits through meaningful relationships. We aim at using both traditional and contemporary tools to craft solutions to help our clients succeed in a hostile and unstable business environment. Our priority is to help our clients improve organizational performance, maximize opportunity, and minimize risks. Leaders are responsible and have the power to make great things happen in an organization, but they cannot do it alone. That is why AP Associates seeks to come alongside organizational leaders to help them understand what they are doing well and what they could do better.

Nonprofit organizations face equal or greater challenges than profit-making organizations but are often less prepared. Some of these challenges include economic inequality, lack of government funding, lack of strategic planning, inability to find and interpret hidden trends, competing values, misaligned vision and mission, and lack of leadership development. AP Associates has the experience and expertise to consider these many dimensions and their implications for each consultant/client relationship.

            AP Associates offers strategic consulting services, uses innovative solutions, and time-tested tools that have proven to help organizations move in the direction most profitable. We help organizations see opportunities in challenges and to think futuristically. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to strategic planning, strategic foresight, leadership development, organizational cultural assessment, and changing organizational culture.

AP Associates helps organizations to strategically engage the future. The environment in which nonprofit organizations exist is competitive and sometimes hostile, but one way to remain viable is to take advantage of strategic planning.

We believe that effective strategy-making does not only look at what is happening within an organization, but also considers various external factors such as economic, governmental, and social influences within a region. Organizations must also consider new developments in technology, changes in demographics, other people in the same industry, and how they market their goods and services.

It is against this background that AP Associates exists to help nonprofit organizations engage the future through strategic planning and foresight. We provide a suitable model to help your organization navigate through the uncertain future, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

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